“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”

Well, let’s not get carried away now ladies, we all know diamonds are our best friends…. any men reading, pay attention! Flowers are a wonderful creation, aren’t they.  I have an obsession with them, I love my home filled with vases of roses of all colours, Lillies without those irritating pollen stamens and gorgeous Gerberas,

These beautiful treasures can make any basic ballroom into an elegant banquet, and any formal Chuppah into a fairytale.

I have asked one of my favourite florists for some helpful pieces of advice and tips they would give to brides;

Sayeh Rafiei- Galton Flowers

The busiest time of year for weddings is between May and September.  During this period the most popular wedding flowers are Roses, Peonies and Lily of the Valley.  Although we can get the majority of flowers all year round flowers like Peonies are truly seasonal. Spring; we use flowers such as Tulips, special Ranunculus and Anenomes.  Winter; dark Roses, cymbidium orchids and rich foliage are very popular.

To get the most out of us as your chosen wedding florist, is firstly to meet face to face.  This enables us to build a relationship so you feel comfortable and trust our recommendations that will best suit your tastes, budget and requirements.  Meeting also helps us to ensure the bridal bouquet is suitable with your wedding dress, height and style.

Our aim, is to build trust, once we have that between us, brides tend to follow our lead and believe in our choices.  We then listen to your ideas.  Some know what they want and others are not so sure.  For example, one bride came to us and said she really did not know what to do as quite honestly, she did not even like flowers!  We ended up creating a stunning look using just different types of foliage and green flowers such as Virbunum and Hydrangea.  It looked beautiful, different and the bride loved it!

****TOP TIP****Choose seasonal flowers to keep costs low.

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Ref; Title Quote; “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” – Emma Goldman 

Blowout on a budget

Wouldn’t we all love to win the lottery?  How many conversations have you had which go into the finer details of what you would do with your jackpot winnings?  Personally, it’s the multiple holiday homes (apart from my two base homes in London and Beverly Hills to be precise).  Alas, that will never be something I can rely on happening anytime soon! Anyway, enough about me – let’s talk about you and your event; more precisely about your budget for the event.

Since we aren’t all lucky enough to have unlimited funds (must check that lottery ticket!), back to the spreadsheet we go.  So, where do we start?  Venue? Band? Flowers? Food? Dress? It’s all such a fuzz….  Let’s deal with one thing at a time.  Clear the mind.  What’s the MOST important part of the wedding for you?  If it’s the music, assign more of your budget to that and spend less on the lighting, cars and flowers.  Or if you want to spend more on your dress , don’t spend on a large, take over the table (so I can’t see anyone opposite me, (not always a bad thing)!) table arrangement.

So let’s get down to business.  I find with most Jewish weddings you are looking at bringing Kosher caterers in to your venue, which more often than not will cost more than the hire of the venue (this is another blog in itself…something to look forward to!).  This is going to be your largest expense – sorry caterers…..we love you but you are kinda pricey.  So let’s start there, they all tend to be around the same price per head, some slightly more, some slightly less, however; some offer packages which is always a good way of negotiating and keeping your costs down.  From there you can start to prioritise each supplier, allowing you to allocate your wedding planning budget efficiently.

For further advice on planning your budget and ways to save on wedding spending; contact Natasha on 07974027773; info@eventsbynatasha.co.uk