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An Interview with Jonathan Bremner

I’ve known Jonathan for about five years and every time he performs with a popular wedding showband, he has the knack of encouraging guests onto the dancefloor before they even find their seat. Charming, engaging, endearing and for me, a pleasure to work with. I wanted to know from his point of view why he loves performing, especially singing and what advice he would give to couples when choosing their wedding entertainment, such as bands and musicians.

Quick fire questions for Jonathan Bremner – Wedding singer and musician

Who you are and what you do?

I’m Jonathan Bremner and I’m a singing, songwriting, piano playing, acting, rugby playing entertainer! I love what I do and I am fortunate to do what I love!

What is the last thing you bought on Amazon?

A full hazmat suit so I could give my mum a hug on my 40th birthday a few weeks ago.  It was so emotional I should of brought arm bands and swimming goggles as well. 

What is the last TV show you binged on?

The Last Dance about Michael Jordan and the Bulls…. I’m a huge sportsman and fan and it was inspiring to see.  If you haven’t watched it – do 🙂 

What would you be doing today if you weren’t in lockdown?

If I wasn’t in lock down I’d be doing what I would normally do on a week night; going to the gym and spending time in my studio writing film score, which is one of my projects at the moment. 

What is the best thing that’s come out of lockdown for you?

Best thing to come out of lockdown was; my surprise 40th birthday that my partner made for me. I came downstairs to find my house totally transformed with balloons and hundreds of photos of friends and family decorated everywhere. We were meant to be celebrating in Italy but actually it couldn’t have been any better!

What is your lockdown guilty pleasure?

Grenade White chocolate spread, it’s epic!!!!!

What is your all time favourite song?

All time favourite song, “Mr Bojangles” what a tune!!! 

One thing that no one knows about you?

I can’t read music but taught myself piano at the age of eight and play by ear:) I also played Angels on a piano and Robbie sat next to me and sung it…(clang to the name drop.) 

Photographer: J Shaw Photography

How did you get into the wedding entertainment industry?

I started hosting karaoke parties at a younger age and someone asked me to come sing at a wedding, the rest is history.

Which bands do you perform with and why do you like performing with them?

I sing for show bands here in the UK and show bands in France that enable me to sing all over the world which is very cool.  I’m so fortunate to be asked to sing for everyone that I do and love being on stage every single time. It feels like you are on stage with your best friends that are so talented and it’s amazing that we get to make people’s memories.

Why do you enjoy performing at Jewish weddings?

Jewish bands are a huge party!!! Right from the word go. The crowd becomes involved and everyone is just there to fill the dance floor and have a wonderful time.  The calibre of musicians in the bands I sing with are first class, it never feels like work.

When are your busiest months?

June to September is always packed, calms down for a few months and picks up again in the lead up to Christmas and New year. 

What are the most common first dance songs?

Ed Sheehan “Perfect” has been played a lot! I Love it. It’s an awesome song.

Which songs are dance floor pleasers?

The sing along songs always go down a treat!!!  “Don’t stop me know” by Queen, being one of my favourites, but then Freddie was a legend and it’s awesome to sing, even the high bits! 

What do you think makes a wedding different in terms of entertainment?

I think the band is key to a wedding.  The energy the band gives off and how they encourage the crowd’s involvement, for me, makes a huge difference.  It’s maintaining the connection with the crowd and knowing when to hype them up and when to pause, which keeps them wanting more.   I think if you can achieve this, the guests respond really well. 

What has been the most quirkiest or unique wedding you have performed at?

I’ve been fortunate to sing at so many weddings and one thing is for sure, it doesn’t matter the cost, it doesn’t matter the size, it’s all relative.  What makes a unique wedding is the people there, the other bits are the ingredients that add to it.   

Photographer: Chiko photography

What can brides and grooms expect from your performance?

For me, there’s a balance of when and where to interact with the crowd. Whether I’m on my own or with a band, this is always something that is taken into consideration.  

It’s being able to read the crowd.  Timing the right moment to encourage the energy levels to increase and interact with the crowd and the Bride and Groom.  I feel that my experience helps to craft all of those things.  I love what I do and love being part of someone’s special day.

What is the best wedding entertainment act you have ever seen, alongside performing yourself?

I’ve Seen a lot of different acts.  From the singing waiters sketch to the amazing magicians that go around the tables.  I’ve also performed at a wedding with Bruno Mars, who was their main act!  

Some love the extras and some don’t, so I think it’s definitely each to their own of what suits their day, along with great songs.   

Is there anything else you want to add that could be helpful to couples when choosing their wedding entertainment?

Choosing your band

I think when couples choose a band they have to think what suits them.  It doesn’t always have to be the biggest band, or the most expensive, it has to be what they like.  Make sure you see the band in action at some point. Whether it’s at a wedding, gig or some bands often perform their own showcase, where the invite clients to watch and enjoy them for a whole set, you can make a night of it. If you really like what you see and their vibe then its worth speaking to them.  

Choosing your music

Music is really important for a wedding in my view. You want great people on stage that will help run your day to make the entertainment as amazing as possible.  Also, when it comes to music, don’t worry too much about picking every single song that you want the band to play.  Good musicians and bands perform at amazing events week in and week out, they have a huge amount of experience and will know what works and doesn’t work with crowds.  

Wedding music
Photographer: Chiko Photography

Choose a few favourite songs that you love and obviously choose your first dance; maybe even the second one to get the party started.  However, no matter what songs you choose, there will always be some guests that may or may not love your song choices, you can’t please everyone.  Trust the band, or solo artist as they will normally have a huge experience in this as well.  

The music creates and the atmosphere, which will make your special day, amazing!

Photographer: Chiko photography

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What to expect from your wedding designer.

An interview with Ruth and Emma from Supernova wedding design and flowers.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Supernova Wedding design and flowers
Directors: Ruth and Emma
Source: Supernova Wedding design and flowers

Who are you and what do you do?

R: I’m Ruth and I’m a director at Supernova Wedding Design & Flowers.

We are a wedding & event design team with in house florists creating luxury bespoke weddings and events.

E: I’m Emma.  I’m also a director at Supernova Wedding Design and Flowers. Ruth and I are life long friends. We met at School in Primary one! (That’s reception to everyone in England.) We have always chosen to work together, study together and then build our business together.  Our wedding design business is in it’s 12th year.  We design and create stylish luxury weddings in Scotland.  We have a huge itinerary of decor hire, linen and also have an in house wedding florist and stationery team. 

A beautiful wedding reception with Chiavari chairs
Photographer: Julie Lamont Photography


R: Partial to a much needed spa day from time to time.

E: Cooking, eating out and holidays!

What is the last thing you bought on Amazon?

R: A brass bumble bee door knocker in silver!

E: Mrs Hinch book of lists!  I love being organised and I am the ultimate list writer! The satisfaction of getting things ticked off and the structure of knowing what needs tackled helps get things done.

What is the last show you binged on?

R: “You” on Netflix

E: The Big Flower Fight on Netflix.

What is the last song you downloaded?

R: “Bill Withers” Lovely Day!

E: “He Sleeps” by James Newton Howard – It is the song that will be played when I walk down the aisle, which is now happening in September 2021 not 2020 as planned 🙁

Lockdown survival tip?

R: Self Care

E: Get up and get on.  I’ve been working out and getting lots of jobs done that I was too busy to tackle before both personally and in the business.  We all have good days and bad days at the moment, let the bad ones pass and relish the good ones, above all we all need to take time out but also keep going.

Lockdown guilty pleasure? 

R: White Wine!

E: Not having to be fully ready every day!  I’m loving more make-up free days and a much, much slower pace of life that I am used to.

One thing that no one knows about you?

R: We’ve known each other since the age of 5 in primary 1(reception) and have worked together for over 20 years now!   Most people assume we are sisters as we’re so alike.

E: People are always surprised that I have been a strict vegetarian for the past 30 years.

How did you get into your industry and job?

R: We left college with a diploma in event management, originally working in fashion organising shows for top designers.  We got asked to do a wedding and have since designed many for the same family and have hundreds more under our belts.

E: Ruth and I were organising events and not really receiving the recognition for them.  Ruth’s mum noticed a new Events Management course at college and we both signed up.  We adored it and started our business the month after graduating.

Why do you enjoy what you do?

R: I find the creative of it all side so exciting.  Designing and creating amazing and beautiful events with thousands of fresh flowers, luxury fabrics, accessories and working so hard to see it all come to life is what I enjoy the most.  The biggest pleasure is seeing the client’s faces when they see everything for the first time.  Working so closely with so many amazing and talented people.  We are extremely lucky and its very rewarding. 

E: I love meeting clients, hearing about their dreams and exciting plans.  Taking all their thoughts and styles and putting them together.  The moment on the day when everything is set up and you just know they are going to absolutely LOVE IT!  The journey with the client is nearing an end and it’s home for family time and a big glass of well-earned, very cold white wine!

Beautiful Chairs ties and roses
Photographer: One Big Picture Photography

When you first meet a client what are the top 3 things you look for?

R: The client’s personality reflects their style.  Design ideas they have of their own, such as; colour scheme and specific requirements.  Finally, their budget is key, so we know what we can create for them.

E: It is really important that we are a match for our clients, that they feel instantly comfortable and in good hands.  They have to trust us and we are very lucky that having built a good reputation, our clients are just as excited to work with us as we are them.  We are great at reading people, taking into account their style and personality to ensure we incorporate that in their wedding design.  We ensure we interact with them in a way that puts them at ease. Our clients often comment on how it feels like we can read their minds! Lastly, we make sure we manage their expectations with their budget.

Gorgeous Chairs for a wedding ceremony
Photographer: Ryan Mimac Photography

What are the most common questions your clients ask in their consultation?

R: What can we do with our ceremony or venue space to ensure it has the wow factor?  They also like us to give our guidance and expertise.  Cost is another key question so we are all on the same page.

E:  Common questions are; have we worked at their venue before?  Are we there on the wedding day? Which we are.   Is there anything they have forgotten to include? Knowing the venue is really important as we know instantly what works.  What the venue allows us to bring in.  Access times?

When quoting your prices what do you take into consideration?

R: The cost of flowers and any buying we do.  The payment of any external suppliers (ensuring we receive the best deal for our clients).  Our style team, florist, delivery and breakdown team.

E: We have a set price list for hire items, guest numbers are taken into account for these items.  For bespoke flower arrangements or more elaborate design creations there are lots of things to take into account.  Flowers used in terms of style, colours and numbers, how long they’ll take to create, transport, installing, how many experienced team members we need to do this and collect everything the next day. Lots of important details to consider…

The Supernova team setting up
Photographer: Geebz Photography

What else do you cover in your first consultation?

R: Clients come to our showroom to see mock table set ups and look at all of our available products.  Colour schemes and any queries they have around the logistics and set up on the day.

E: We have some questions to cover in our first consultation to allow us to know the logistics and numbers of the day.   We cover favourite flowers, must have items and the overall look they want to achieve.  We then work on ideas that week, respond with pricing and our ideas and take it from there.

What types of flowers can affect the price and why?

R: Seasonal flower costs and availability will change.  Weddings near Valentines Day for example, flowers are much more costly.  A statement display of purely roses will make the cost increase so we are on hand to make suggestions for alternatives to suit budget.

E: It’s more the volume and style of flowers that can affect the pricing, opting for a statement arrangement with lots of textures means we need more flowers to create this style.  David Austin Roses and Phalaenopsis Orchids are expensive per head but very popular choices. We find most brides feel a bit overwhelmed by flower choices and are happy to be guided.

Tabletop decor
Photographer: 1500 photography

Apart from choosing flowers what else is important or useful to think about when creating the arrangements and/or design?

R: It is Important to create the full table designs at the same time as discussing flowers, so you can offer a client an overall look, which we can tweak if necessary.  Tabletop décor should compliment the centerpiece.

E: Colours play a huge part, they really help you know where you are going with your design.  The style of your wedding will depict flower styles, for example; glamorous or a more relaxed and simple style?  Generally we apply a 3-colour rule to our arrangements but some brides want to bring in more tones.  Once you have a style in mind, which works with your venue’s style, it’s all the little details that bring the design to life.  Design is not just one element; it is how it all works together. Ideally, you want your venue to look like a better polished version of itself, a bit like how you want to look on your wedding day.

A Beautiful Bridal Bouquet
Photographer:  SM Photography

What makes you different to other florists or in house wedding stylists?

R: We mostly style the entire set up and day from the initial wedding invite through to the cake.  We work closely as a team to ensure a flawless finish as opposed to lots of suppliers bringing different looks and styles to the table, which can end up looking messy.

E: Our style and attention to detail.  All of our weddings are elegant no matter what the style or vibe our clients choose.  Styling can be imitated but can’t be copied if that makes sense.  We also work so closely as a team and care so much about everything being perfect for our clients.  Our lovely feedback show happy clients and no one else is ‘us’ so I guess that’s our USP.

What has been your most quirkiest or unique wedding?

R: Transforming spaces completely with the use of draping and intelligent lighting is always a buzz. 

E: All weddings are unique and personal to our clients, we have done some quirky themes over the years, from woodland Forests to movie themed days.

Mr and Mrs signs
Photographer: Julie Lamont Photography 

Apart from creating floral arrangements and design what else can you provide at Supernova?

R: We have a full in house décor kit so can supply absolutely anything from table top décor and candlesticks to linens, charger plates lighting and dance floors.

E: We also offer wedding stationery and a range of bespoke hire products which no one else has.  We have a huge list of trusted suppliers so can ultimately obtain absolutely anything you want for your wedding or event.

How will the client know what to expect from their booking?

R: Our initial quote provides a basis for our initial pricing. We then work on full designs as we move forward with sketche images.  We also carry out site visits if we don’t know the venue, as it’s always great to see what we’re working with. 

E: We have a studio with table set-ups and products so our clients can see designs and ideas come to life.  We sketch ideas and have a huge portfolio of images to show previous work. We also create mock up’s too however, most of our clients can see the vision before this is needed.

How are you managing any postponed wedding bookings due to COVID-19? What is your procedure and policy?

E & R: The current COVID19 pandemic has been very challenging to our industry and our clients, overnight everyone was thrown into uncertainty. We have successfully moved over 120 of our weddings so far. We will always work with our clients to support them and find suitable solutions for them.  New bookings can be rest assured we’ll do the same for them if required, we’ll move your booking to an available date.  We’ve had such lovely feedback on our customer service during this stressful time and will always work to find the best solutions.

Is there any final advice or information that could be helpful to brides and grooms when choosing their flowers and designs?

R: Our transition into the wedding industry 12 years ago has seen us design thousands of beautiful weddings including several high profile celebrity weddings and events for HRM the Queen.  Having won several industry awards we are extremely passionate and hard working.  We are devoted people pleasers, so you can be assured you are in good hands.

E: It is really important that you gel with your wedding designer; you have to trust them and enjoy working with them throughout your planning process.  It is also important that they are honest with you re: budget, so you know exactly what you are receiving for your money, managing your expectations, to make it look even better than you ever imagined! 

Follow them on social media and read their reviews, what their client’s say is the best way to get a feel for what they’ll do for you!  Happy planning and if we can help, please just get in touch x

Stunning wedding ceremony
Photography: Jonny MP

Supernova wedding design and flowers are based in Glasgow, Scotland. They also travel to England too! For all your wedding design & flower questions you can contact Ruth and Emma here: : Instagram supernovaweddingdesign

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How to choose your wedding rings.

An interview with Rob Goodman, bespoke jeweller.

Rob and I have known each other for 16 years and in that time I have certainly had my fair share of bespoke jewellery created by him, as my husband will testify! He may be a cheeky chap from North West London but he knows his diamonds inside and out, has a keen eye for detail and the experience to know what will work and what won’t. Above all he listens to his customers and will ultimately create a piece that you will adore forever. As I love his creations, I thought I’d ask him a few questions about the process of choosing your engagement ring, key tips and advice to be aware of.

Over to you Rob…

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Rob Goodman.  I make bespoke jewellery and specialise in engagement rings and wedding bands.


R: Growing up my hobbies were mainly sports related like football golf, BMX biking and rollerskating. As I got older I was very into modifying cars and socialising with friends on weekends.  

What is the last thing you bought on Amazon?

 R: A three-dimensional diamond shape ice cube maker. 

What is the last Netflix show you binged on?

R: Gangs of London. 

What is the last song you downloaded?

R: “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone,” by Bill Withers. 

Lockdown survival tip?

R: Don’t go out get everything delivered to you and stay safe. 

Lockdown guilty pleasure? (keep it clean ;-))

R: I love tipping point. 

How did you get into your industry and job?

R: I was brought up in Stanmore by both of my parents.  My father manufactured furniture and told me as I was growing up that one day furniture would not be manufactured in the UK and I was to find something  else to do, rather than join the family business.  I originally started working at Wembley market on a Sunday from the age of 12 and always had a passion for working hard and trying to learn new things.  After many jobs in hairdressing, shoe repairs, shirt makers in Jermyn Street and estate agents; I then found the jewellery business at the age of 21 and decided this is what I wanted to do.

A friend’s mother told me about the Jewellery industry as she thought it would be perfect for me, she knew my father was very artistic and good with his hands, so it may be of interest to me too.  So one day I woke up put a suit on, took my CV in a plastic sleeve and marched down to Hatton Garden to knock on doors. 

I began to walk through Hatton Garden and saw dozens and dozens of jewellery shops and doors in between that led to offices and workshops.  I started to scan through the company names on the buzzer’s of the doors, deciding on which buttons to press to find workshops that might be looking for an apprentice.  Despite receiving dozens of knock backs for being too old or there weren’t any vacancies, I kept going, until I found one building in particular that stood out to me.   It had many offices and when the door to the main building opened I managed to quickly walk in when someone walked out.  I started to knock on office doors instead of talking through intercoms.  One man answered, came out, looked me up and down and asked me if I’d come for the job interview.   I answered that I hadn’t actually come for the job interview but I would like a job interview.  He then looked me up and down again and said, “you see that door over there? Knock on it and ask for a guy called David and tell him you’ve come for the job interview.” I did just as he said, after half an hour of an interview I’d managed to secure myself a job.  The company created high-quality jewellery.  

I worked there for a couple of years, learning the basics of quality control, a little bit of diamond picking and how the industry worked.  Which set me up for life.

Why do you enjoy what you do?

R: I enjoy what I do because I get to speak to people create the most beautiful things and see the job from start to finish and also see the clients reaction after I finished producing the product.  

When you first meet a client what are the top 3 things YOU look for?

R: I try to work out what their style is by listening to what they want and also sometimes their appearance helps. For example they may wear a large gold watch which I might assume they are flamboyant or maybe they wear jewellery that is quite conservative which could mean they like the more simple things. They may also wear flamboyant clothes or quite plain clothes again this will contribute to their style and personality. This will help me to create designs that they may like. Apart from their clothes and style, ultimately it’s their personality that I can gauge what they like or don’t like.

What are the most common questions your clients ask in their consultation?

R: How long will it take to make, what will the price be and do I think it would look nice.  

When quoting your prices what do you take into consideration?

R: The cost of material and the cost of labour and that’s pretty much it. 

What else do you cover in your first consultation?

R: The first consultation would be over the phone and I will discuss a few things before we actually meet; the piece they wish to make, budget, type of occasions it’s for, i.e. wedding, anniversary or birthday and lastly, when they need it for. I’ll then know what type of ring the client is looking for. I would then meet the client, show them a selection of diamonds and designs to choose. This will give them an idea of what they want me to create for them. The most important thing is to have an understanding of what they want and of what they’re going to receive.  

Where do you buy your stones from?

R: I only buy my stones from reputable dealers in the industry and never from suppliers that aren’t trusted or known in the industry. Referrals and recommendations are very important. 

What are the 4C’s and can you explain what each mean and how it can affect the price?

R: The four c’s are cut, carat, clarity and colour.

The cut of a stone is very important for the light to travel through the stone to make the light reflect perfectly in order to give the best Luster . 

The carat is the weight of the diamond and there are 100 points in one carrot. Traditionally most clients would ask for one carat diamond or bigger. 

The clarity is important but it is not essential to have the best but to have what is known as Eye clean is a very important in my opinion. 

The colour grading starts at D and this is the best colour and is pure white and known as colourless. 

Apart from the stone(s) what else is important or useful to think about when choosing an engagement ring or wedding band?

R: It is always useful to decide whether you want the wedding ring to sit flush to your engagement ring before you make the engagement ring so there is no gap in between the two rings. It is also important to decide what metal you would like to use for your engagement ring as your wedding ring will have to be the same colour.  

What makes you different to other bespoke diamond jewellers?

R: I like to Think that I am a little bit different to a lot of other jewellers, as I source all the diamonds myself and cherry pick the best out of a bunch of the best, design it and create the piece of jewellery myself. Therefore there is no mistakes or instructions lost in translation between one person passing information to another person in creating the perfect ring for the client. 

What is the average lead-time to make an engagement ring or wedding band?

R: The average time to make an engagement ring is two to three weeks, however it can be quicker if it is urgent. 

Apart from creating wedding rings what else do you do?

R: I actually make every aspect of jewellery including tennis bracelets, diamond earrings, pendant, necklaces, keyrings, cufflinks, money clips, tie pins, anything you can think of made from precious metals and diamonds. 

I also provide our watch repairs and refurbishing. I also do valuations for insurance and probate. 

What do you offer to show the piece is the genuine article?

R: To show that the piece is genuine all my work is hallmarked and all large diamonds are certificated and all products come with an insurance valuations and my makers mark.  Watch repairs and watch services have one year warranty. 

Is there anything else you want to say that could be helpful to clients when choosing their engagement ring and wedding bands?

R: If I could give a little bit of advice on buying an engagement ring it would be to take your time in finding the right diamond and making sure that you are recommended by a friend to use the jeweller, rather than going on the internet and just finding one. When purchasing a diamond, make sure it is a diamond that talks to you and that you think is special. You may find that seeing a nice selection of diamonds will help as you can compare, as you may find one that talks to you more than others. Most importantly never be pressured into buying a diamond, always go with your gut instinct. Your jeweller should be patient with you, explain everything to you and be very transparent throughout the whole process. As my father would say, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” So when making your purchase, make it the right one and I will try and make it an amazing experience.

For all wedding ring and bespoke jewellery enquires please contact Robert Goodman: check out his instagram @RobertGoodman1


 I hope you found this interview interesting and helpful.

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Top 10 Jobs for Ushers at Your Wedding

Ushers are the Groom’s; “boys,”  “lads,” “close mates”.  So close they are like family, so why not include them in your wedding party.   Assisting the groom where he needs.  Wearing the coordinating colours of ties, bow ties, handkerchiefs, waistcoats and maybe even socks to match the Bridesmaid’s dresses, bouquets and colour theme throughout the wedding.   How much you want your ushers involved in the wedding can be a long thought process.  There are a few variables to consider while you are making decisions like that and of course, I’m here to help you think these ideas through so you can make the best possible choice for your wedding.

In today’s weddings we don’t let “Bridal party participants” get away with so little.  Ushers have many jobs at a wedding, I’m going to give you my top ten.

Top 10 Jobs for Ushers at your Wedding:

1. Escorts guests to seats: We all know this one. It’s the most common and socially used purpose for ushers. Actually, it’s so well used and known, most of us didn’t even know there were other purposes ushers could manage on the wedding day.  Generally, they would stand inside the door to where the ceremony is and when people come in an usher would lead them to the side of the room  for men or women, depending on how religious you want your ceremony to be.  Along side this they may usher relatives to their reserved seats, that you have planned out for them.  If you do want to keep certain people separate, the ushers can easily manage the task!

2. Escorts guests from the car to the ceremony:  This is a sweet one isn’t it? It’s like a valet for humans or guests.  Especially with with older relatives and guests who could really use an arm from the car to the synagogue.  You can still have a set of ushers at the door and they can essentially pass from one usher to another to escort guests to their seats. This is a wonderful way to make your guests feel important especially if it is a particularly hot day or long walk.

3. The TISCH! This is one for just the men, sorry ladies.  This is your mini pre wedding party only men allowed, so hey lets do what we want!  Quite often the best man will delegate to your ushers; uh-oh now you know you’re in trouble; one to bring the bridge rolls, one for all snacks, one for just the whisky, one for all other alcohol, as lets face it this is the opportunity  to get wasted, I mean happy.  Lets just let the boys get on with it.

4. Reduce distractions for latecomers:  It happens, people have their own lives that involve complications too, delayed babysitters, parking struggles, car issues…anything can make guests late to weddings,  more often than not, its unavoidable.  So without thinking too badly of your ‘always late friends or relatives’ just be prepared for it and plan for it to be managed in a seamless manner.   This is where your usher comes in.  It may be the case of a bit of liaising with the wedding planner to chose the suitable moment for them to slip in.  All you need to know is they have it covered.   You can rest assured if this moment does occur your trusty usher can spare the guest’s embarrassment and enter along side them to show them quietly to their seats. You can even keep one usher close to or at the main door of the Synagogue, in case the latecomers happen to show up at a really pivotal moment in the ceremony (think bride walking down the aisle) so he can have them wait at the side.

5. Hand Kippot and Order of service to guests on arrival:  Programs are so detailed and elaborate these days. The variety of ideas and creativity found in the booklets today, especially for a Jewish wedding are amazing. If you are going to take the time to make the Pinteresty programs that are so popular today, then why not hand them out individually? Your friendly smiling usher will look like he’s giving an extra special gift to your guests when he hands them that sweet program you worked hours on making perfect! You can also ensure that everyone receives one.  Depending on how creative you want to be, its a nice keep sake for the guests

6. Leading guests to the reception while everyone in the wedding party takes pictures: This can be a tricky time at a wedding, but with a little bit of forethought and a few great ushers, you can make your guests feel loved and appreciated and not ousted from the family photos. Ushers can help walk guests in the direction of the reception or even back to their vehicles if the reception is off-site. Guests like to feel loved and appreciated for their time and gifts and having people “assigned” to them makes them feel good.  It’s not necessary, of course, but if you have the extra ushers it’s a great way to handle the traffic out of the ceremony toward the reception.

7. Chair arranging: A completely acceptable job for your ushers is moving chairs or even other manual labor type jobs that need to be done on the day. Most of the time this is something already taken care of, but just in case you need it or it comes up in your planning for the day, know that it’s a good place to use the ushers in a couple of extra jobs.

8. Show guests to the cloakrooms: I’m sure you will have adorable signs pointing to all the various important parts of the room, but ushers are really great to have for those people that forget signs are a thing.  They can point people in the right direction or just walk them out quietly if the moment warrants. You can even have ushers tell people when they come in that if they need anything or have any questions to look for those dressed like the ushers. Of course, if you decide to go this route, then make sure your ushers really know the lay of the land when it comes to your venues.

9. Handle the ‘over indulging” people: One of my biggest hopes for your wedding is that you don’t have ruined by guests who can’t handle their booze.  Sometimes it’s innocent and the family member is just getting out for a little fun and takes it too far and sometimes it’s an already anticipated drunk uncle who always gets too wild, but no matter the case, someone to run interference for you if they are getting unruly during speeches or the first dance is a good idea.   Ushers can just escort them outside for a little air or at the very least walk them in a different direction from the activity they are going to ruin.

10. Collecting wedding gifts: There are always those guests that haven’t looked at the gorgeous gift list you spent hours and hours deciding on what you should and shouldn’t have listed.  Finally, you have perfected your list and have everything from those matching his n’ hers slippers to lots and lots of wine glasses because all of a sudden you only drink from wine glasses and why not it’s your list! Sending it out in anticipation for the list to decrease as all your chosen items are being bought…exciting isn’t it! But, alas…there are those guests that have not even given your list a second thought as they know in their head they only want to give you what THEY want to give.   Whether it be something really special, such as, personalised towels or engraved candle sticks, or even a glass fruit bowl.  Some don’t even go that far they just give a cheque….don’t grumble, this can be very exciting if it goes towards your honeymoon fund or new home furniture.  Sadly though, they are not the gifts on your list, not the latest high-tech sound bar for the high-tech TV you placed on your list, or those really trendy, must-have chopping boards.  Whatever these guests chose to gift you, they are greatly appreciated and we have just the usher to take the gifts off their hands and kindly place in your bridal suite.  How lovely!

Now that you know all the jobs you CAN have your ushers do, you just need to decide WHICH jobs you actually want and need them to do. They can’t be in all places at all times so having a good idea on the number you need will help you decide who to ask and which kinds of ushers to look for to help out on your wedding day.

In case you are struggling with who to ask…check this out:

The 3 different kinds of ushers you can have at your wedding:

Family: There are generally family members who are not close to the bride or groom and so it’s odd to have them in the bridal party.  BUT they are family and you know they will be around forever. Sometimes they are young or just live far away so you don’t see them very often. No matter the circumstances, often cousins, uncles and/or nephews who are too old to be ring bearers make great ushers.

Friends just like brothers: These are the main guys you know and love.   They are the ones you trust to help maintain peace should people get too intoxicated or just act foolishly.   Of course, these men do not have to actually be big or tough to be like a bouncer in a club, but they need to, at least, be the kind of men who will not shy away from conflict if there is an issue that needs to be resolved.   Also has enough maturity to handle situations appropriately.

Women who don’t want the responsibility of being a bridesmaid: These days it’s pretty common and completely socially acceptable to have female ushers now.   They can be family members who aren’t as close to you or filled in with friends if you are having a family-only bridal procession.

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How to choose your Bride squad

All the funny movies and jokes about bridesmaids offer just enough truth to see what it’s actually like to have a Bridesquad.   You’ve heard the saying; “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride,” which describes someone who never quite fulfils his or her potential, a person who makes it to the finals but never wins the contest.  They are notoriously known as the second string, but the reality actually is they have such an important role to play in the wedding.

There are so many questions and decisions to make surrounding bridesmaids.  Who should I have?  How many?  What do they do?   What type of dress should I buy for them?  What gifts to buy for them?  I could go on and on.  We are going to hit on all the hot topics in this blog, but the questions that seems to get asked the most are:

Q 1: How do I choose who will be bridesmaids?

Bridesmaids are the ones who will stand next to you on your big day.  They are the ones who have been there for you on the hard days and the exciting days.  They have known you through your school days, your awkward teenage years, maybe even your rebellious phases… they were interesting.  Sometimes they are the ones who you have known since birth because they are your family.

You have a wide pool of people to choose from:

Family: It’s true when they say we can’t pick our family, but the loyalty we have to them because we hope they have our back runs deep.  Not all families are going to have a deep sense of relationship with each other, but it’s worth noting, if you don’t want to hurt your friends’ feelings you can keep your bridal party to just family.  Sisters, future sister-in-laws, nieces and cousins are in the running depending on the number of people you want in your bridal party.

Life-long friends: These are the friends that you may not have seen in a while, but if you showed up at their front door it would be as if no time had passed at all.  They are the ones who will most likely stand the test of time when life’s roads get rocky.

Your everyday besties: These are the friends you hang out with day to day; they might be your current crew, but they might not be the ones who will stand by you your entire life.  Work and going out friends are fun to hang out with, but can you see them in your life when you have children, your marriage is difficult or you need a shoulder to cry on? Maybe they will be life long friends, maybe not, but thinking about the future of your friendship with help narrow down the list if you need to.


What to remember when choosing your Bridesquad;

  • Family is going to be at every holiday party until you die.
  • Choose friends who will stick by you when life is difficult.
  • Women with helpful personalities make great bridesmaids.
  • Being a bridesmaid can be costly, so make sure you outline expectations and costs before you get your answer. You don’t want to have details planned out and then have someone back out last minute.
  • Don’t be offended if someone says, “no.”
  • If you are a social butterfly and have SO many friends you can’t choose, it’s completely acceptable to just have the family as your Bridesquad.

Q 2: How many is too many?

You know the criteria now.  Don’t worry about how many, but choose the women that are supposed to stand up with you. If it’s a large crew, then that’s just how you roll.  If it’s just one best friend or sister, that is special too.  Don’t get caught up in what other people think the perfect number is. Know who you are and who you want at your side.  Everyone loves the intimacy of just a bridesmaid or two, but there is something special about the bride who has a large squad at her side on her special day too. Your personality will shine through is so many details of the day. The kind and quantity of friends you have by your side on your special day will be another sweet addition. You do you!

Q 3: How much should I budget for, for my Bridesquad?

This answer really depends on your wedding budget. Generally in a Jewish wedding the Bride will take care of the cost of the dresses, shoes, make-up, hair.  However if budget is maybe a little tight it’s worth exploring less expensive options and maybe contribute to their shoes instead of paying for the whole cost.

A sentimental, thank you gift is always nice to receive from the bride.  It shows your gratitude for not just being a sounding board or taking over the hen do planning but mainly being a friend on your special day.  Check out my gifting blog for your bridal party here.  Remember, these women will be there forever, and your wedding day is just one day out of your entire life so its a great way to show how much you appreciate them.

Here are my personal top 5 which can be personalised or left in original state.

  • Weekender bag: They will use it forever and always think of you.
  • Crystal Stud earrings: You could even ask them all to wear them for the ceremony if you are a continuity sort of bride.
  • Glassware: You have boozy crew, wine freeze cooling cups, shot glass, flasks or champagne flutes are always a fun way to make sure they are thinking for you while at home in their kitchen long after you have said, “I do.”
  • A bangle: Personalised bangles that can go with most outfits or even ones with elegantly tied wire knots because you are tying the knot!
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini: This is the gift that keeps instantly giving and when I saw a bride give her crew these, I practically swooned! 

Q 4: How do I know which type of dress to give them?:

Traditionally the bride chooses a dress and hopes that the same dress, in the same style will suit all her bridesmaids, oh and all in the same size.  This can be disastrous.  It’s not a great look to watch the fuller figure, busty beauties squeeze into a dress clearly designed for someone with a long and lengthy figure, and watching those that cannot seem to fill out a dress made for a woman who is more curvaceous and shorter figure can be a bit uncomfortable too.

Thankfully years ago, a trend started where brides picked a shop, a colour to match their theme and then let the bridesmaids pick their own style depending on their body type.  This is a smart move for brides because your gorgeous bride squad can pick a dress that flatters their figure and are happy.  They won’t feel totally self conscious in their own skin and bearly able to look at their own reflection.  BUT if you know your crew and you know they can get crazy or all have very different styles, and you know that would drive you, crazy than you can set parameters.  Nothing strapless or only short or long or other criteria.  Your bridesmaids will all be beautiful and will compliment you greatly on your special day.  Just be sure to remember to ask yourself a few key questions:

  1. What will look best on everyone?
  2. Do you want them all matching?
  3. Will their hair be the same.?
  4. Do you want them to all have matching accessories?

Q 5: What exactly am I allowed to ask my bridesmaids to do?

It’s your wedding, you can do what you want, but there is a some etiquette you might want to, at least, consider before you start hounding your besties to be your go to’s.

Be upfront with what you need from your bride squad. When expectations are laid out up front to your lovely ladies it makes for a much smoother process.  These are some of the main aspects of the bridesmaid’s role, which are, like the rest of your wedding, customisable!

  • To wear the dress you buy for her.
  • Help plan your hen.
  • Go to you hen party.
  • Help plan the festivities
  • Collect any wedding items you may need to be delivered to the Synagogue and venue and delivered back.
  • Be encouraging

Q 6: What about the Maid of Honour?  How is she different than the rest of my bride squad?

Your maid of honour is like the manager of the details.  She doesn’t necessarily do everything herself, but she delegates, manages the bridesmaids and keeps you in check throughout the day, making sure you are always ok.  Hopefully, she is organised and loves you to death. You want her to have a good relationship with your bridesquad and to have  the willingness to ask when she needs help from them.  Apart from initially setting up the Whatsapp group or the group email to coordinate the bridesquad and organising your hen, attending your dress fittings and maybe even helping you select your bride squad, her duties on the wedding day include; helping you get dressed, making sure your make up is on point and your hair is immaculate throughout the day, all the while smiling through her own pain she is suffering from her extremely high heels she HAD to have!

The maid of honour should also carry around an emergency kit just for you, which can safely live in her handbag for the day and evening.  This should include, tissues, your eye liner, lipstick/gloss, pressed powder, cotton buds, small packet of hand wipes or chalk(!)  Apparently it’s a miracle worker for wedding dress stains, the variety selection of Compeed and maybe a small snack/mint if you can squeeze that all in her bag, you know you have chosen wisely!  She will also stand next to you on the big day and hold your bouquet.

As a woman who has been a Maid of Honour, it’s by far the strangest part holding 2 bouquets of flowers with no way to scratch your nose or move those wispy strands of hair out of your lipglossed lips, so be extra nice to your Maid of Honour!

Having your bride squad is a wonderful tradition.. With a little thoughtfulness, those closest to you can not only enjoy the events that lead up to your wedding, they can be a pivotal role in you all enjoying a memory you will share for a lifetime.

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Top 10 Tips for planning a Jewish wedding 

Planning a wedding has details.  Planning a Jewish wedding has a million details.  The process of planning your wedding can be fun and exciting and doesn’t at all have to be gruelling or stressful.   Here are a few tips and some direction to keep you on track.  If you have any further questions along the way feel free to ask away contact me.

Between the pressures of family, the vendors and all the traditions, you want to make sure you are at the top of your game for your special day.  Combining all the tradition of your Jewish wedding while still holding on to who you are as a person takes grace and preparation.

Just like you, I want your day to be unforgettable.  You should enjoy every moment of preparation and time with family and friends as you celebrate the life-long commitment you will make to your partner.

But since you do have some planning to do and wedding to enjoy, here you go:

Top 10 Tips for planning a Jewish wedding

  1. Before anything happens take a breath and start by writing a list of everything you think you need for your wedding.  Trust me, this list will be amended throughout this process of new things you will think about.  Maybe even add it to an excel spreadsheet.  I love a list, I always feel better once I write one, it makes things clearer and you aren’t relying on your memory in every wedding conversation you have with your suppliers and family.

2. Next, I would highly recommend booking your wedding insurance.  Weddings cost a lot of money and anything can happen at any point, you need to be covered as soon possible for peace of mind.  There are plenty out there, John Lewis is a great option.  They have various levels of cover to suit your budget.

3.  Ask your Rabbi or wedding officiant to officiate.  Even though this seems obvious, make sure the person you want to officiate your wedding is available for the date you would like.   Some say you need to ask at least 6 months in advance to ensure a clear schedule, but even asking a year in advance can be recommended particularly if you have a very emotional/spiritual bond with your Rabbi.  You want to make sure he has your wedding in his calendar. The officiant really sets the tone for the ceremony so if you aren’t close to anyone, be sure to ask questions about how they facilitate the ceremony.

4. Once you have booked your Rabbi, you need to start viewing venues and meeting with caterers.  I’d say these three are the most important areas of your wedding and should be at the top of your list to be booked with immediate effect. Simply for the reason that if they are booked up they won’t be available again for your chosen date.  It’s a bit logistical to match up the Rabbi, Venue and Caterer but once its done and confirmed you can relax somewhat.  Once they are booked you can take more time to think about wedding photographers/videographers, florists and wedding bands.  Do your homework: find the best vendors for every aspect of your wedding.   There are so many vendors who are going to help you make your your wedding the most special day.  Think of weddings you have been to where you loved the bride’s hair or couldn’t stop looking at the wedding photos after.  Ask your friends and family who they used and loved for their weddings and special functions.   Test a couple of different make-up and hairstylists.  Search for recommendations for the best wedding bands.  Where possible view the bands whilst they are live at their clients weddings, make sure the band invites you and clears it with their clients first…we don’t want any wedding crashers. Wedding preparation is not a time to skip on your research.  Scour the internet, get on social media, ask everyone you know their experiences good and bad with every business you are considering using.  Someone sharing their bad or good experience can help you make educated choices that will impact your wedding day. You want to have the best day possible and we live in a world where reviews are easily accessible, so save yourself the disappointment of a bad experience and go with the vendors who have the best customer experiences.

5. Pick your chuppah decorations: since your chuppah symbolises the home you will build with your each other, the way you build and decorate it can be really as significant as you would like it to be.  What kind of couple are you and what kind of home are you going to build for your family. Are you glamorous or maybe more classic and elegant?   You can make it fun and modern,  decorate as a way to express yourselves or you can use lights, greenery and flowers to make your chuppah the perfect fairytale dream come true. Even with flowers and greenery you can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. Most chuppahs are square, but I’ve also created circular ones that are spectacular. They can be wooden, clear, metal, colourful, columned to fit in with your theme.   Take a little look at my Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration.

6.  Hire a wedding planner: I know, I know, obviously as a wedding planner I’m a bit biased here, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.  One of the primary reasons to hire a wedding planner is to help enjoy the process and your special day while alleviating family stress and feeling overwhelmed with so much to book and pleasing everyone involved.  A wedding planner more often than not can mediate too, someone with an unbiased opinion and not emotionally involved can give you the answers you need, maybe not what you want, but they will do what’s best for the wedding, also giving you realistic expectations on various aspects of your wedding; such as suppliers and timings.   The added benefit of having someone who organises everything gives you the perfect checklist and makes sure all plans are fully executed not only relieves undue anxiety, but brings enjoyment to the details that otherwise would be mundane.  You will have an insider scoop to vendors and ideas plus the advice and wisdom their experience offers can keep delicate situations calm. What many people don’t realise is that having a wedding planner also helps you stay on budget, communicate with vendors and of course they are indispensable on the big day.  You won’t miss a detail and will enjoy the process of your wedding planning and your special day so much more with a wedding planner at your side.  Check out some of my packages that might suit you…worth a look.

7. Start to think about how you want your day to run: your timings.   Let’s be honest. Jewish weddings are amazing and full of culture and reverence.  There are so many beautiful traditions and details, start early, give yourself plenty of time to think about how you want to incorporate everything – so you don’t miss out any areas, you’ll probably change your timings more than a few times, I often have timings changed on the day, so don’t worry too much about it being exact.

8.  Include an Order of Service to your Chuppah ceremony and Toast order to your menus.  Adding the symbolism and descriptions of the special traditions is a wonderful way to showcase Jewish tradition and culture to those unfamiliar with them. It’s also a special way to remind all the married couples in the room the beauty of marriage. There are adorable ways to showcase your bridal party with everything from traditional pictures to more fun characters on place cards. You can add favourite quotes, special thanks to those most involved in your life/relationship. Many couples even choose to add a memorial section to their program to remember family members they have lost they wish were there celebrating their special day.

9.  Buy your special “Glass.”  We all know when the groom breaks the glass is a favourite tradition.  The Chuppah ceremony ends with a big crash and everybody goes crazy!  Sometimes the bride and groom may even share in the pleasure of smashing the glass.  Generally, the glass would be wrapped in a couple of thin linens or napkins, but nowadays you can buy stunning glass and repurpose it after it’s broken, check out some ideas here and even buy a special bag to put the glass in before the glass is stomped.  If you are sentimental there is so much choice to be creative with your broken glass.  You can buy coloured glass and then use the tiny shattered pieces to remake the wine glass in a perspex case, Mezzuzahs and varieties of wall art.  It’s a stunning way of remembering your wedding day and that special moment of the glass being smashed.

10. Lastly and probably the most fun part…GIFT LIST TIME!  Register your wedding gift list.  Not everyone at your wedding will know you personally and something that is not so personal but more practical, is an amazing gift that you actually need to help you set up your home with your new husband.  Many large stores have gift lists such as John Lewis to make the process convenient and easy to use in store and online.  So start scanning!

Jewish weddings are so special and full of the kind of beauty that only tradition and culture can bring.  Commitment, festivities, beautiful dresses…what more can a girl ask for? Enjoy planning your Jewish wedding, do your homework and remember who you are.  Add a bit of yourself and the groom to every tradition. Hire a wedding planner who can appease all the awkward family situations that are bound to arise.

Most importantly remember your love for your future husband and are preparing to celebrate a life long partnership with the one you adore.  All the details are spectacular and important, but there is nothing more important than your future happiness. So be patient, kind and flexible with your partner as you enjoy this process. It will only happen once, so relish in every precious moment!

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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding special with your extra budget

Your suppliers are booked and prepped for your big day and imagine your excitement when you realise you still have money left over in your budget!   The caterer is paid.  The photographer and band are booked. The florist has a perfect plan for the flowers. What is even left to add to your big day?

Take the extra money and add a little more luxury to your momentous day!

Enhance your chuppah: 

Adding flowers, greenery and/ or lighting to your chuppah is a fabulous way to use extra money from your wedding budget.  The floral designs and colours can be easily matched to your decor.  Flowers can enhance your chuppah by making it look chic and adding some greenery makes a venue feel welcoming.  Adding lights to your chuppah will offer extra lighting for your photographer and a whimsical feeling your guests will be talking about for days.

Supply dancing shoes for the ladies:

Every woman who has ever been to a wedding knows how much feet ache by the end of the night.  Don’t make your guests sacrifice style for a painful night.  Set out a beautiful basket of flip flops to match your colours and decor.

Create signage: 

Signs at weddings are wonderful. They are eloquently designed art that can be kept as home decor forever.  Glass, wood, metal and even mirrors are just a few of the possibilities to add to the loveliness of your day.  The added bonus of having a keepsake to display to remember your special day is doubly beneficial.

Rent a Selfie Pod: 

Selfie Pods today are amazing!!  This includes great lighting and wedding-themed props.  Your guests can go home with their photos and you will have a copy too so you will have all the memories of your friends and family on your special day! Of course, the images will be available online as well!

Add something to throw as you and your new spouse enter the ballroom:

Long gone are the days of rice throwing…uh…apparently it didn’t agree with the bird digestive tracts. I guess we will stand with the birds on this one, but there are still beautiful options to add to your festivities as you depart the ceremony. Having your guest throw dried lavender, rose petals, heart confetti or even mini pom-poms is a great way to add festivity to your wedding. .  If the idea of having things thrown at you doesn’t appeal to you, your guests can blow bubbles, hold sparklers, or even twirl ribbon wands in your direction.

If you are already a wedding genius and had these items in your budget and STILL have money left over, my hat is off to you. You are a hero of heroes! Take that trophy money and add a fun excursion to your honeymoon!!

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”

Well, let’s not get carried away now ladies, we all know diamonds are our best friends…. any men reading, pay attention! Flowers are a wonderful creation, aren’t they.  I have an obsession with them, I love my home filled with vases of roses of all colours, Lillies without those irritating pollen stamens and gorgeous Gerberas,

These beautiful treasures can make any basic ballroom into an elegant banquet, and any formal Chuppah into a fairytale.

I have asked one of my favourite florists for some helpful pieces of advice and tips they would give to brides;

Sayeh Rafiei- Galton Flowers

The busiest time of year for weddings is between May and September.  During this period the most popular wedding flowers are Roses, Peonies and Lily of the Valley.  Although we can get the majority of flowers all year round flowers like Peonies are truly seasonal. Spring; we use flowers such as Tulips, special Ranunculus and Anenomes.  Winter; dark Roses, cymbidium orchids and rich foliage are very popular.

To get the most out of us as your chosen wedding florist, is firstly to meet face to face.  This enables us to build a relationship so you feel comfortable and trust our recommendations that will best suit your tastes, budget and requirements.  Meeting also helps us to ensure the bridal bouquet is suitable with your wedding dress, height and style.

Our aim, is to build trust, once we have that between us, brides tend to follow our lead and believe in our choices.  We then listen to your ideas.  Some know what they want and others are not so sure.  For example, one bride came to us and said she really did not know what to do as quite honestly, she did not even like flowers!  We ended up creating a stunning look using just different types of foliage and green flowers such as Virbunum and Hydrangea.  It looked beautiful, different and the bride loved it!

****TOP TIP****Choose seasonal flowers to keep costs low.

Check out Sayeh Rafiei on Facebook – Galton Flowers 

Eventsbynatasha_GaltonFlowers_TulipShower       Eventsbynatasha_Galtonflowers_display       EventsbyNatasha_Galtonflowers_flower_waterfall

Ref; Title Quote; “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” – Emma Goldman 

Buy it, wrap it!

I know, it’s relentless, not as if you don’t have enough to organise, YOU have to THINK of presents to give others! What a bother!  By ‘others’ I mean your wedding party, no, not ALL your wedding guests, those that have listened for hours on end and attempted to express an opinion on the extremely impossible decision of pink orchids or white for your bouquet and if you should have white table linen or black, you know, your bridesmaids and ushers, that lovely lot, who you are basically dressing from head to toe and grooming to look the part.  In addition, you have to shower them with goodies?!  Great excuse to go shopping though – no harm in buying one for yourself know, just so you all match.

So, what is a suitable gift and how much should one spend?  Personally I think it’s nice to give something that your bridesmaids and ushers can keep as a reminder of your wedding.  Jewellery, personalised, budget permitting, is a winner and goes down very well.

For Ushers,  I’m loving the stunning Valere Primus range and lucky for us, apparently minimalistic watches are very ‘on trend’ at the moment..  So not only will you be giving your Ushers a very generous gift, they will be the envy of their friends as well.

IMG_3043IMG_3044Primus Silver with Mesh strapEvents by Natasha_wedding_gifts

Gold with mesh strap      Gold with Brown leather strap         Silver with Mesh strap           Silver with suede blue strap

Deck your Ushers out in the latest trends at Velere Watches; use my voucher code NATASHA20 to receive 20% off.

If, however you’d like to go for something a bit different, more personal and sentimental, check out, Create gift love – the name says it all.  The personalised Bridesmaid’s hamper comes with a photo block, divine scented candle and champers…hard to resist.  For the Ushers, the personalised best man hamper comes with Cufflinks, bottle opener and a very delicious chocolate bar.    Enjoy spoiling your friends and family and to make it even more tempting I’ve added a discount code, BRIDE20, on these items and anything else that takes your fancy on till the end of August.

EVENTSBYNATASHA_Personalised-Bridesmaid-Gift-Hamper             EVENTSBYNATASHA_Personalised-Best-Man-and-Usher-Gift-Hamper

Whatever you buy though, don’t forget your extra large bouquet of flowers for the Grandmas!

Dress Devine – How to find ‘The one’

Finally it’s time!  The part you’ve been waiting for!  Date set – tick, venue booked – tick….it’s totally acceptable to start looking for the dream dress, even if it is over a year away till the big day.  In fact most of my dress suppliers urge me to encourage my brides to go as early as possible to start trying dresses on; “Anything between 14-9 months, prior to the wedding,” they command.  Anything less is achievable too, but don’t hang about too long.

So, off you go, what you waiting for?  Too daunting?  Overwhelmed?  Too much choice?  Where to start? No idea of what looks good on you?  Need to get to your ‘ideal’ shape before anything?  Ah yes, it’s all of the above, right?

We all need to start somewhere, and there’s no time like the present to even just get a few ideas going…. if you can’t bring your self to go into a bridal shop with a parent, friend or wedding planner to strip down to your undies, just yet, check out some ideas online or visit my Pinterest page

If you’re raring to go….pace yourself and keep your expectations low,  it’s likely to take more than the first dress you try on and the first shop go into.  Be aware some bridal shops and boutiques may charge for your appointment, especially over the weekend.

It can be an enduring process of trying on these dresses and very frustrating, keep in mind, it’s an average of trying 15 dresses, yep no typo, FIFTEEN, …so it might be less for some and more for others.   I tell my brides that it’s how you feel in a dress that’s important; lots of dresses can suit you and suit your figure, but it’s more about it suiting your personality.  As soon as you find THE dress, you’ll know what I mean! Promise!

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