What to expect from your wedding designer.

An interview with Ruth and Emma from Supernova wedding design and flowers.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Supernova Wedding design and flowers
Directors: Ruth and Emma
Source: Supernova Wedding design and flowers

Who are you and what do you do?

R: I’m Ruth and I’m a director at Supernova Wedding Design & Flowers.

We are a wedding & event design team with in house florists creating luxury bespoke weddings and events.

E: I’m Emma.  I’m also a director at Supernova Wedding Design and Flowers. Ruth and I are life long friends. We met at School in Primary one! (That’s reception to everyone in England.) We have always chosen to work together, study together and then build our business together.  Our wedding design business is in it’s 12th year.  We design and create stylish luxury weddings in Scotland.  We have a huge itinerary of decor hire, linen and also have an in house wedding florist and stationery team. 

A beautiful wedding reception with Chiavari chairs
Photographer: Julie Lamont Photography


R: Partial to a much needed spa day from time to time.

E: Cooking, eating out and holidays!

What is the last thing you bought on Amazon?

R: A brass bumble bee door knocker in silver!

E: Mrs Hinch book of lists!  I love being organised and I am the ultimate list writer! The satisfaction of getting things ticked off and the structure of knowing what needs tackled helps get things done.

What is the last show you binged on?

R: “You” on Netflix

E: The Big Flower Fight on Netflix.

What is the last song you downloaded?

R: “Bill Withers” Lovely Day!

E: “He Sleeps” by James Newton Howard – It is the song that will be played when I walk down the aisle, which is now happening in September 2021 not 2020 as planned 🙁

Lockdown survival tip?

R: Self Care

E: Get up and get on.  I’ve been working out and getting lots of jobs done that I was too busy to tackle before both personally and in the business.  We all have good days and bad days at the moment, let the bad ones pass and relish the good ones, above all we all need to take time out but also keep going.

Lockdown guilty pleasure? 

R: White Wine!

E: Not having to be fully ready every day!  I’m loving more make-up free days and a much, much slower pace of life that I am used to.

One thing that no one knows about you?

R: We’ve known each other since the age of 5 in primary 1(reception) and have worked together for over 20 years now!   Most people assume we are sisters as we’re so alike.

E: People are always surprised that I have been a strict vegetarian for the past 30 years.

How did you get into your industry and job?

R: We left college with a diploma in event management, originally working in fashion organising shows for top designers.  We got asked to do a wedding and have since designed many for the same family and have hundreds more under our belts.

E: Ruth and I were organising events and not really receiving the recognition for them.  Ruth’s mum noticed a new Events Management course at college and we both signed up.  We adored it and started our business the month after graduating.

Why do you enjoy what you do?

R: I find the creative of it all side so exciting.  Designing and creating amazing and beautiful events with thousands of fresh flowers, luxury fabrics, accessories and working so hard to see it all come to life is what I enjoy the most.  The biggest pleasure is seeing the client’s faces when they see everything for the first time.  Working so closely with so many amazing and talented people.  We are extremely lucky and its very rewarding. 

E: I love meeting clients, hearing about their dreams and exciting plans.  Taking all their thoughts and styles and putting them together.  The moment on the day when everything is set up and you just know they are going to absolutely LOVE IT!  The journey with the client is nearing an end and it’s home for family time and a big glass of well-earned, very cold white wine!

Beautiful Chairs ties and roses
Photographer: One Big Picture Photography

When you first meet a client what are the top 3 things you look for?

R: The client’s personality reflects their style.  Design ideas they have of their own, such as; colour scheme and specific requirements.  Finally, their budget is key, so we know what we can create for them.

E: It is really important that we are a match for our clients, that they feel instantly comfortable and in good hands.  They have to trust us and we are very lucky that having built a good reputation, our clients are just as excited to work with us as we are them.  We are great at reading people, taking into account their style and personality to ensure we incorporate that in their wedding design.  We ensure we interact with them in a way that puts them at ease. Our clients often comment on how it feels like we can read their minds! Lastly, we make sure we manage their expectations with their budget.

Gorgeous Chairs for a wedding ceremony
Photographer: Ryan Mimac Photography

What are the most common questions your clients ask in their consultation?

R: What can we do with our ceremony or venue space to ensure it has the wow factor?  They also like us to give our guidance and expertise.  Cost is another key question so we are all on the same page.

E:  Common questions are; have we worked at their venue before?  Are we there on the wedding day? Which we are.   Is there anything they have forgotten to include? Knowing the venue is really important as we know instantly what works.  What the venue allows us to bring in.  Access times?

When quoting your prices what do you take into consideration?

R: The cost of flowers and any buying we do.  The payment of any external suppliers (ensuring we receive the best deal for our clients).  Our style team, florist, delivery and breakdown team.

E: We have a set price list for hire items, guest numbers are taken into account for these items.  For bespoke flower arrangements or more elaborate design creations there are lots of things to take into account.  Flowers used in terms of style, colours and numbers, how long they’ll take to create, transport, installing, how many experienced team members we need to do this and collect everything the next day. Lots of important details to consider…

The Supernova team setting up
Photographer: Geebz Photography

What else do you cover in your first consultation?

R: Clients come to our showroom to see mock table set ups and look at all of our available products.  Colour schemes and any queries they have around the logistics and set up on the day.

E: We have some questions to cover in our first consultation to allow us to know the logistics and numbers of the day.   We cover favourite flowers, must have items and the overall look they want to achieve.  We then work on ideas that week, respond with pricing and our ideas and take it from there.

What types of flowers can affect the price and why?

R: Seasonal flower costs and availability will change.  Weddings near Valentines Day for example, flowers are much more costly.  A statement display of purely roses will make the cost increase so we are on hand to make suggestions for alternatives to suit budget.

E: It’s more the volume and style of flowers that can affect the pricing, opting for a statement arrangement with lots of textures means we need more flowers to create this style.  David Austin Roses and Phalaenopsis Orchids are expensive per head but very popular choices. We find most brides feel a bit overwhelmed by flower choices and are happy to be guided.

Tabletop decor
Photographer: 1500 photography

Apart from choosing flowers what else is important or useful to think about when creating the arrangements and/or design?

R: It is Important to create the full table designs at the same time as discussing flowers, so you can offer a client an overall look, which we can tweak if necessary.  Tabletop décor should compliment the centerpiece.

E: Colours play a huge part, they really help you know where you are going with your design.  The style of your wedding will depict flower styles, for example; glamorous or a more relaxed and simple style?  Generally we apply a 3-colour rule to our arrangements but some brides want to bring in more tones.  Once you have a style in mind, which works with your venue’s style, it’s all the little details that bring the design to life.  Design is not just one element; it is how it all works together. Ideally, you want your venue to look like a better polished version of itself, a bit like how you want to look on your wedding day.

A Beautiful Bridal Bouquet
Photographer:  SM Photography

What makes you different to other florists or in house wedding stylists?

R: We mostly style the entire set up and day from the initial wedding invite through to the cake.  We work closely as a team to ensure a flawless finish as opposed to lots of suppliers bringing different looks and styles to the table, which can end up looking messy.

E: Our style and attention to detail.  All of our weddings are elegant no matter what the style or vibe our clients choose.  Styling can be imitated but can’t be copied if that makes sense.  We also work so closely as a team and care so much about everything being perfect for our clients.  Our lovely feedback show happy clients and no one else is ‘us’ so I guess that’s our USP.

What has been your most quirkiest or unique wedding?

R: Transforming spaces completely with the use of draping and intelligent lighting is always a buzz. 

E: All weddings are unique and personal to our clients, we have done some quirky themes over the years, from woodland Forests to movie themed days.

Mr and Mrs signs
Photographer: Julie Lamont Photography 

Apart from creating floral arrangements and design what else can you provide at Supernova?

R: We have a full in house décor kit so can supply absolutely anything from table top décor and candlesticks to linens, charger plates lighting and dance floors.

E: We also offer wedding stationery and a range of bespoke hire products which no one else has.  We have a huge list of trusted suppliers so can ultimately obtain absolutely anything you want for your wedding or event.

How will the client know what to expect from their booking?

R: Our initial quote provides a basis for our initial pricing. We then work on full designs as we move forward with sketche images.  We also carry out site visits if we don’t know the venue, as it’s always great to see what we’re working with. 

E: We have a studio with table set-ups and products so our clients can see designs and ideas come to life.  We sketch ideas and have a huge portfolio of images to show previous work. We also create mock up’s too however, most of our clients can see the vision before this is needed.

How are you managing any postponed wedding bookings due to COVID-19? What is your procedure and policy?

E & R: The current COVID19 pandemic has been very challenging to our industry and our clients, overnight everyone was thrown into uncertainty. We have successfully moved over 120 of our weddings so far. We will always work with our clients to support them and find suitable solutions for them.  New bookings can be rest assured we’ll do the same for them if required, we’ll move your booking to an available date.  We’ve had such lovely feedback on our customer service during this stressful time and will always work to find the best solutions.

Is there any final advice or information that could be helpful to brides and grooms when choosing their flowers and designs?

R: Our transition into the wedding industry 12 years ago has seen us design thousands of beautiful weddings including several high profile celebrity weddings and events for HRM the Queen.  Having won several industry awards we are extremely passionate and hard working.  We are devoted people pleasers, so you can be assured you are in good hands.

E: It is really important that you gel with your wedding designer; you have to trust them and enjoy working with them throughout your planning process.  It is also important that they are honest with you re: budget, so you know exactly what you are receiving for your money, managing your expectations, to make it look even better than you ever imagined! 

Follow them on social media and read their reviews, what their client’s say is the best way to get a feel for what they’ll do for you!  Happy planning and if we can help, please just get in touch x

Stunning wedding ceremony
Photography: Jonny MP

Supernova wedding design and flowers are based in Glasgow, Scotland. They also travel to England too! For all your wedding design & flower questions you can contact Ruth and Emma here:

www.supernovaweddingdesign.co.uk : Instagram supernovaweddingdesign

For any more inspiration or tips on Jewish weddings, check out my Instagram @eventsbynatashaweddings or my Pinterest.

Alternatively, if you would just like to have a chat or need advice about your wedding or postponing due to COVID-19, you can email me anytime on info@eventsbynatasha.co.uk.

Natasha x

How to choose your Bride squad

All the funny movies and jokes about bridesmaids offer just enough truth to see what it’s actually like to have a Bridesquad.   You’ve heard the saying; “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride,” which describes someone who never quite fulfils his or her potential, a person who makes it to the finals but never wins the contest.  They are notoriously known as the second string, but the reality actually is they have such an important role to play in the wedding.

There are so many questions and decisions to make surrounding bridesmaids.  Who should I have?  How many?  What do they do?   What type of dress should I buy for them?  What gifts to buy for them?  I could go on and on.  We are going to hit on all the hot topics in this blog, but the questions that seems to get asked the most are:

Q 1: How do I choose who will be bridesmaids?

Bridesmaids are the ones who will stand next to you on your big day.  They are the ones who have been there for you on the hard days and the exciting days.  They have known you through your school days, your awkward teenage years, maybe even your rebellious phases… they were interesting.  Sometimes they are the ones who you have known since birth because they are your family.

You have a wide pool of people to choose from:

Family: It’s true when they say we can’t pick our family, but the loyalty we have to them because we hope they have our back runs deep.  Not all families are going to have a deep sense of relationship with each other, but it’s worth noting, if you don’t want to hurt your friends’ feelings you can keep your bridal party to just family.  Sisters, future sister-in-laws, nieces and cousins are in the running depending on the number of people you want in your bridal party.

Life-long friends: These are the friends that you may not have seen in a while, but if you showed up at their front door it would be as if no time had passed at all.  They are the ones who will most likely stand the test of time when life’s roads get rocky.

Your everyday besties: These are the friends you hang out with day to day; they might be your current crew, but they might not be the ones who will stand by you your entire life.  Work and going out friends are fun to hang out with, but can you see them in your life when you have children, your marriage is difficult or you need a shoulder to cry on? Maybe they will be life long friends, maybe not, but thinking about the future of your friendship with help narrow down the list if you need to.


What to remember when choosing your Bridesquad;

  • Family is going to be at every holiday party until you die.
  • Choose friends who will stick by you when life is difficult.
  • Women with helpful personalities make great bridesmaids.
  • Being a bridesmaid can be costly, so make sure you outline expectations and costs before you get your answer. You don’t want to have details planned out and then have someone back out last minute.
  • Don’t be offended if someone says, “no.”
  • If you are a social butterfly and have SO many friends you can’t choose, it’s completely acceptable to just have the family as your Bridesquad.

Q 2: How many is too many?

You know the criteria now.  Don’t worry about how many, but choose the women that are supposed to stand up with you. If it’s a large crew, then that’s just how you roll.  If it’s just one best friend or sister, that is special too.  Don’t get caught up in what other people think the perfect number is. Know who you are and who you want at your side.  Everyone loves the intimacy of just a bridesmaid or two, but there is something special about the bride who has a large squad at her side on her special day too. Your personality will shine through is so many details of the day. The kind and quantity of friends you have by your side on your special day will be another sweet addition. You do you!

Q 3: How much should I budget for, for my Bridesquad?

This answer really depends on your wedding budget. Generally in a Jewish wedding the Bride will take care of the cost of the dresses, shoes, make-up, hair.  However if budget is maybe a little tight it’s worth exploring less expensive options and maybe contribute to their shoes instead of paying for the whole cost.

A sentimental, thank you gift is always nice to receive from the bride.  It shows your gratitude for not just being a sounding board or taking over the hen do planning but mainly being a friend on your special day.  Check out my gifting blog for your bridal party here.  Remember, these women will be there forever, and your wedding day is just one day out of your entire life so its a great way to show how much you appreciate them.

Here are my personal top 5 which can be personalised or left in original state.

  • Weekender bag: They will use it forever and always think of you.
  • Crystal Stud earrings: You could even ask them all to wear them for the ceremony if you are a continuity sort of bride.
  • Glassware: You have boozy crew, wine freeze cooling cups, shot glass, flasks or champagne flutes are always a fun way to make sure they are thinking for you while at home in their kitchen long after you have said, “I do.”
  • A bangle: Personalised bangles that can go with most outfits or even ones with elegantly tied wire knots because you are tying the knot!
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini: This is the gift that keeps instantly giving and when I saw a bride give her crew these, I practically swooned! 

Q 4: How do I know which type of dress to give them?:

Traditionally the bride chooses a dress and hopes that the same dress, in the same style will suit all her bridesmaids, oh and all in the same size.  This can be disastrous.  It’s not a great look to watch the fuller figure, busty beauties squeeze into a dress clearly designed for someone with a long and lengthy figure, and watching those that cannot seem to fill out a dress made for a woman who is more curvaceous and shorter figure can be a bit uncomfortable too.

Thankfully years ago, a trend started where brides picked a shop, a colour to match their theme and then let the bridesmaids pick their own style depending on their body type.  This is a smart move for brides because your gorgeous bride squad can pick a dress that flatters their figure and are happy.  They won’t feel totally self conscious in their own skin and bearly able to look at their own reflection.  BUT if you know your crew and you know they can get crazy or all have very different styles, and you know that would drive you, crazy than you can set parameters.  Nothing strapless or only short or long or other criteria.  Your bridesmaids will all be beautiful and will compliment you greatly on your special day.  Just be sure to remember to ask yourself a few key questions:

  1. What will look best on everyone?
  2. Do you want them all matching?
  3. Will their hair be the same.?
  4. Do you want them to all have matching accessories?

Q 5: What exactly am I allowed to ask my bridesmaids to do?

It’s your wedding, you can do what you want, but there is a some etiquette you might want to, at least, consider before you start hounding your besties to be your go to’s.

Be upfront with what you need from your bride squad. When expectations are laid out up front to your lovely ladies it makes for a much smoother process.  These are some of the main aspects of the bridesmaid’s role, which are, like the rest of your wedding, customisable!

  • To wear the dress you buy for her.
  • Help plan your hen.
  • Go to you hen party.
  • Help plan the festivities
  • Collect any wedding items you may need to be delivered to the Synagogue and venue and delivered back.
  • Be encouraging

Q 6: What about the Maid of Honour?  How is she different than the rest of my bride squad?

Your maid of honour is like the manager of the details.  She doesn’t necessarily do everything herself, but she delegates, manages the bridesmaids and keeps you in check throughout the day, making sure you are always ok.  Hopefully, she is organised and loves you to death. You want her to have a good relationship with your bridesquad and to have  the willingness to ask when she needs help from them.  Apart from initially setting up the Whatsapp group or the group email to coordinate the bridesquad and organising your hen, attending your dress fittings and maybe even helping you select your bride squad, her duties on the wedding day include; helping you get dressed, making sure your make up is on point and your hair is immaculate throughout the day, all the while smiling through her own pain she is suffering from her extremely high heels she HAD to have!

The maid of honour should also carry around an emergency kit just for you, which can safely live in her handbag for the day and evening.  This should include, tissues, your eye liner, lipstick/gloss, pressed powder, cotton buds, small packet of hand wipes or chalk(!)  Apparently it’s a miracle worker for wedding dress stains, the variety selection of Compeed and maybe a small snack/mint if you can squeeze that all in her bag, you know you have chosen wisely!  She will also stand next to you on the big day and hold your bouquet.

As a woman who has been a Maid of Honour, it’s by far the strangest part holding 2 bouquets of flowers with no way to scratch your nose or move those wispy strands of hair out of your lipglossed lips, so be extra nice to your Maid of Honour!

Having your bride squad is a wonderful tradition.. With a little thoughtfulness, those closest to you can not only enjoy the events that lead up to your wedding, they can be a pivotal role in you all enjoying a memory you will share for a lifetime.

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Natasha x